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Sodexo Engage with Energize

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Sodexo Engage with Energize


Energize developed a programme that exactly addressed Sodexo’s needs and was according to Lisa Crawley, Shared Service Director, “Unlike any other programme we have seen. It was highly participative, engaging, funny, short and amazingly effective.” The programme immediately generated a buzz so that, after the first day, getting attendance of subsequent groups was easy. It was also non threatening which made the world of difference to the front line, often quite junior team members.”Although there were a wide number of issues to deal with, the programme built on strengths rather than start from scratch, and the Energize team really took “time to understand us, our teams and our challenges” observed Lisa.

Value Delivered

There has been a significant change in atmosphere and performance.

“The improvements achieved significantly exceeded my expectations” commented Aidan Connolly, Sodexo UK CEO ” and created substantial value through greater accuracy, greater insight, greater speed and all of these with less resources. But the real prize is that we have moved most of the UK Finance Operations into the Shared Service Centre. Previously each process that moved from each area was a challenge – now the businesses are queuing up to move. The value created from this has been very significant.”

“A further major benefit is enabling the Finance team to move from being a processing factory to a business partner. Putting a value on this is very difficult but very large.”

“For me,” added Lisa, “one of the most satisfying results is that the change is lasting. Sustainability was one of my key priorities and now all the teams use phrases and tools from the Energize programme in their daily conversation. It’s not part of a customer service programme – it’s part of our culture.”

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