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Case Study: Enfield Primary Care Trust

50% improvement in staff survey - “You Make the Difference” Customer Service Programme

Business Challenge

Enfield PCT clearly recognised the importance of customer service to their organisation as well as the challenges of actually getting service right on the front line, where the patient experience is generated. Enfield’s goal was to improve patient experience - both the level and consistency -across a dispersed and varied organisation, especially in an environment were there had, and would continue to be, high levels of change. The Enfield leadership team knew the types of behaviours they were looking to see, but were equally clear that an improvement in key metrics was also required, not only to demonstrate the value of the programme, but also to reinforce and sustain success.

The target areas for improvement were mystery patient scores, complaints and a significant improvement in staff survey – both response rate and scores on key questions.

How Energize Helped

Energize began by consulting with key members of the team across the many sites to construct a vision of the ideal behaviours to support a consistent, high quality patient experience.

They then developed a programme which was short, participative and engaging for all staff called “You Make the Difference.”

“It was a very positive programme. It gave our staff an opportunity to step into the shoes of our patients and think about what we are doing and how we are doing it” Cathy St John, Provider Division Performance Manager.

Energize then trained a group of champions to cascade the programme across sites and functions – this was a mix of clinical and non clinical personnel. “The train the trainer sessions gave me the skills and confidence to roll the programme out to my own and other teams” Liz Barry, Modern Matron, Magnolia Unit.

In addition to this, a managers’ support programme was implemented to ensure that momentum was sustained. “A very useful and easy to use coaching model which I know will help to keep the training alive” Marion Andrews Service Manager, District Nursing.

The Energize Customer Service Programme was designed to help support a transformation across the Provider Division of the Primary Care Trust to:

- Create an environment where staff treat patients as they would like to be treated
- Effect a change in attitudes and behaviours that would significantly improve the service culture
- Introduce specific, appropriate skills to enable staff to deliver excellent customer service.

“What I liked about the Energize visioning process was that it enabled us to define clearly the key behaviours we needed our staff to be demonstrating with our patients and each other” commented Julia Brown - Chief Operating Officer.

Value Delivered

“We always felt that we were looking to achieve a change in culture and especially a change in attitude and behaviour. We also needed to show success across key metrics.”

Enfield commissioned a mystery shopper company Retail Maxim to run a mystery reporting programme. From the pre-programme baseline score there was an overall improvement of 14% and now across all areas, Enfield are in the 90th percentile.

“These great results show we reinforced those departments that were doing well and motivated others to improve their interaction with the patients” Cathy St John. In addition, compliments have increased and formal and informal complaints have dropped, “complaints are being dealt with earlier before escalating.”

On the staff side there has been a significant improvement in atmosphere and performance. “Teams are working together in a more collaborative way. Many individuals are showing far more confidence, initiative and ownership leading to a faster resolution of issues. ‘You Make the Difference’ was a great way of bringing teams together” Julia Brown.

A further significant sign of improvement in staff engagement was that completion of the staff survey turned around from 42% to 64%.

 “There is no doubt that 'You Make the Difference' by Energize has made a huge contribution to our overall transformation.” Julia Brown.